SME Association of Malaysia

SME Association of Malaysia (SME Malaysia) was inaugurated on July 13, 1995 as SMI Association of Malaysia at a time when manufacturing sector was still the dominant economic driver of Malaysia. In recognition of the growing importance of service and agricultural industries, the membership was opened to service and agricultural sectors later with a corresponding name change to SME Association of Malaysia.

Since its inauguration, SME Malaysia has organized numerous international conferences, seminars and exhibitions for the benefits of SMEs. SME Malaysia’s annual award series, the Platinum Business Awards (PBA), has the main purpose to inspire, nudge and spur SMEs to scale greater height.

In 2017, SME Malaysia set up the SME Training Academy, which aims to uplift the management capability of micro-and small enterprises and to transform them into a competent, innovative and technology driven enterprise. SME Malaysia is also actively engaging with various Ministries and government agencies to promote interests of SMEs through participating in dialogues and policy making meetings.


To transform small and medium industries, enterprises and businesses into the economic powerhouse of the country


To instill and eventually ingrain deeply, the concept of learning organisation in small and medium industries, enterprises and businesses, and encourage them to be export-oriented



To foster the development of SMEs through learning and skills development


To assist SMEs in the marketing and promotion of their products at the national and international levels, including the creation of new markets


To act as a medium to facilitate interaction between SMEs and the Government through providing inputs for policy making


To act as a medium to facilitate business opportunities for SMEs through collaboration with large companies, MNCs and relevant government agencies


To disseminate information to SMEs in respect of various financial, technical assistance, and training offered by the Government, financial institutions and private sector

Symbolization of Association’s logo

The black and red colours in the sign signify versatility, maturity, vitality and passion of SMEs in building a better future. Double red arrow in the letter “E” reflects dynamic, strong and enthusiastic leadership at the Association.


Key Programmes

SME Training Academy
Platinum Business Awards
Trade Missions & Exhibitions
Campaigns & Forums